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Let us be Your Forever Realtor

It is a great time of year to reflect on the past and prepare for the future. I am humbled by the business and clients that have stepped in to our lives, for the partnerships made and for the many family and friends supporting our team each step of the way.

2017 was the year of experimentation for The Sylvia Real Estate Team. We embarked on many small marketing experiments, unsure of the outcomes. With a marketing background and a little faith, we learned a lot this year. We expanded from a team of 1 to a team of 2. We worked endlessly to determine how we could continue to take good care of past clients, keep them informed and be a continued resource.

As we look forward to 2018, I’m very excited to provide a quick sneak peek. We are going to change direction with adding some of our heart into our business beyond our clients. We hope to partner with many local charities and organizations by giving away a portion of commissions next year. We would not be able to position ourselves to accomplish this task if it were not for the business we’ve received to date; thank you to those who have done business with us, you are part of our story! We are so excited to see what good can be done in our backyard and be a part of that action. And it is not just commissions, we hope to create a new culture by volunteering our time and being part of the conversation in a real way.

In addition, in 2018 we will expand from a team of 2 to a team of 3! Expanding our team means that the level of service and time I could provide clients on day one, will continue as we increase business. Our number one goal is to ensure everyone that crosses our path receives the same white-glove service they deserve in an industry that has become saturated with mediocracy. 

It is an honor to continue to service our past and current clients, many of whom we can call friends.

Let us be your forever realtors in the many years to come.